One of the greatest  values we offer our clients is the track record of success that we have built with our top tier integration partners. This reputation allows for quick access to the right contacts as well as a presumption of value for the connections we create.

One of the greatest  values we offer our clients is the track record of success that we have built with our top tier integration partners. This reputation allows for quick access to the right contacts as well as a presumption of value for the connections we create.





Client relationships are 100% customizable by both offerings engaged and volume of resources committed.



When you’re traveling a million miles a minute, it can sometimes be hard to see the forest for trees. Whether you and your team are just getting started, readying for a jump to light speed, or trying to figure out what new areas to conquer, JTG can help you navigate the hurdles and find your groove.


Consider our Senior Advisory Council a valued group of industry peers that have truly ‘been there’ and ‘done that.’



Whether you have a defined hit list of targeted sales/integration prospects or you need that kind of list developed for you, JTG will seamlessly step in and take lead on generating those connections that will increase your revenue pipeline, accelerate your go-to-market plan and grow your business.


We are equally comfortable operating as your hired guns or working with you to build your sales team.



From ad networks and exchanges to the quickly evolving world of paid social media and influencer marketing, we are experts in creating the right mix for your needs.


We pride ourselves on not simply pointing you in the right direction, but in working with your internal teams to execute strategies and make sure they understand best practices that will maximize your campaigns


Through its relationships with both US-based advertising operations experts, as well as its partnerships with key off-shore adops companies, JTG can offer full-service offerings customized to meet your needs at scale.


Whether you simply need and an additional resource to augment your current team, or a complete turn-key solution – JTG has got your back(end).



Advances in video content distribution and monetization have taken center stage in the today’s OTT/CTV-driven marketplace. JTG has significant experience working with clients from every corner of the  video landscape – helping to identify audiences and to drive revenue


We work with (and connect) a) advertisers looking to unlock the power of a continually fragmenting ecosystem, b) publishers with content libraries ripe for syndication and c) the emerging platforms trying to establish themselves as solution providers to both.



The technology that supports the digital media space evolved at an equally fast pace as the industry itself. With an onboard team of tech infrastructure experts, JTG offers its clients customized, price affective, cloud-based development that supports any business model need -- with guaranteed flexibility, scalability and reliability -- allowing them to seamlessly compete at any level.


The team features particular expertise in AWS and Adobe platforms.



JTG offers comprehensive solutions that allow advertisers and  publishers to compete more directly in the fast evolving programmatic space.


We help the supply-side leverage strategies like customized header bidding, and work with demand side clients to build and manage bidders of their own, in both cases relieving dependence on outside SSPs and DSPs.



The JTG team brings nearly two decades of experience crafting and delivering corporate and product messaging from virtually every corner of the digital media landscape.


Services Include: Brand Positioning, Product Architecture, Thought Leadership, Public Relations, Social Media Amplification, Materials/Content Development and more. Marketing and Communications Consultant


Just because you’re building a sales team doesn’t mean you’ve got the time or experience to coach them up. And even when you’ve found the right person to lead your team into battle, that doesn’t necessarily mean they know how to build a proper and documented training plan. We can help.


Let the JTG team develop and execute a training plan for your sales leaders and/or the entire sales team.



From ad ops to growth strategies to sales development, JTG finds itself working with clients that are looking to make a move to the next level of their business. We understand  that this is often the right time to rethink their brand messaging and we are always thrilled to offer our services in updating or recreating their website to reflect their new evolution.


Depending on the complexity of the project, we are prepared to either handle the build in-house or tap (and project manage) one of our world-class partners that bring all of the bells and whistles.

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Our Senior Advisory Council are a group of industry veterans that have each led impressive careers that have spanned every corner the digital media ecosystem over the past two decades. The bottom line is, “We know people who know THE RIGHT PEOPLE.”

Take advantage of our targeted lead sourcing and screening from across our vast collective 1st and 2nd level networks.



The digital media landscape is a fluid ecosystem where the right connection can often mean all the difference in achieving next-level success or slogging it out in the trenches.


JTG has an extensive network angel investors, venture firms, strategic investors and industry partners that we are always ready to activate for our forward-leaning clients.