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Browsi Accelerates US Growth with JTG Ventures Partnership

Israeli-Based AI Technology Company for Tier 1 Publishers Engages U.S. Digital Media Consultancy Firm to Drive North American Growth

NEW YORK, NY, US, June 14, 2021 / -- Browsi, the leading AI-driven ad layout SaaS company, with offices in Tel Aviv and NY, has engaged U.S.-based Digital Media Consultancy, JTG Ventures, to help spearhead and accelerate growth of its publisher focused solutions into the North American marketplace.

JTG Ventures, led by industry veteran Jonathan Slavin, will operate as a fully integrated business development unit, leveraging existing relationships and resources to grow awareness and adoption of Browsi’s technology platform.

Browsi’s cutting edge tech stack employs machine learning algorithms by inserting a layer of AI between a publisher’s content and their ad layout, helping them optimize digital real estate, improve user experience, reduce IVT fraud and maximize ad inventory revenue in real-time. Browsi is trusted by premium publishers including Hearst Newspapers and TMZ.

Browsi CEO, Asaf Shamly explains, “This is an exciting time for us, as we are aggressively looking to hire and expand the awareness and adoption of our AI solution for publishers within the North American market.

We are very familiar with Jonathan Slavin’s experience in developing relationships between publishers and solution providers, and we know the trust that the market has built up in the JTG team. This partnership, then, stood out to us as a valuable first step in accelerating our North American presence, one we plan to significantly build upon in the near and mid-term.”

Slavin adds, “So much of the digital media industry is about optimizing what happens between the ad call and the final placement for the advertiser, but Browsi is focused on using those milli-seconds to optimize the publisher’s digital real estate, user experience and ad layout.

We think it is a fantastic time to be building technology designed to support publishers as they face key challenges including the sunsetting of the cookie, driving true viewability, and the increasing ‘advancements’ in advertising fraud and IVT – all leading to lost time, revenue, and demand side trust.

In short, what Browsi has built for publishers is a true game-changer and we are thrilled to leverage our relationships, resources and understanding of the industry landscape to connect quality publishers with Browsi’s tech platform, especially as Browsi is focused exclusively on servicing publisher partners and not supporting any O&O destinations.”

About Browsi Browsi is a technology focused digital media solution creator, bringing machine learning to the process of publisher inventory optimization and monetization. Browsi's AI platform seamlessly leverages a complex set of data points to produce the highest combination of viewability, revenue scale, fraud protection and UX to publishers’ content real estate - automatically and in real-time.

About JTG Ventures JTG is a new kind of digital media consultancy, focused on identifying, facilitating and supporting revenue streams in truly immersive and 'hands-on' ways. JTG's team of industry veterans seamlessly becomes part of a client's team, implementing scalable strategies, supported by years of 'in the trenches' experience, vast networks of cross-platform relationships and a reputation for delivering real value to all parties.


For Browsi: Liora Babo, Head of Marketing, Lioraba(at),

For JTG Ventures: David Shay, VP Marketing & Operations, dshay(at),


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